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What is a Fiberglass Inground Pool?

A fiberglass pool is a one-piece type of swimming pool that is already pre-manufactured into different shapes. It is made of consolidated layers of fiberglass. The pool shell measures 3/16 to 3/8 inches thick. The fiberglass inground pool's interior wall and floor are coated with liquid resin, commonly known as gel coat, which protects the inside surface from algae and other slippery causing objects. The gel coat also softens the floor, but the fiberglass materials make it durable, so it is not susceptible to cracking or any other damages.

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How is Fiberglass Pool Installed? 

After choosing the desired shape and size of the fiberglass pool, the next step is installation. Follow this process for a more painless installation procedure.

  1. Check the blueprint

  2. Excavate

  3. Set and level the base of the pool.

  4. Place the pool.

  5. Install the plumbing and filtering systems of the pool

  6. Backfill the pool shell

  7. Finishing Touches

Fiberglass Shapes and their Features

Fiberglass inground pools come in different shapes and styles. Check out this set of list of fiberglass pool shapes and their features.

  1. Traditional and Modern Freeforms

These fiberglass pools are equipped with seats and benches, enabling the users to partially submerge their bodies while enjoying some beverages or just for relaxing. They are made to be slip-resistant, so safety against slip accidents is guaranteed. However, diving and water equipment usage is not possible due to its restricted width and depth measurements.

  1. Rectangular

It contains multiple entries and exit points, which is ideal when a swimmer wants to get out of the water right away. Another feature is a wading area where children can play without the worry of a possible drowning. A built-in spa is also added where people can relax while enjoying the water. Rectangular Inground pools are slip-resistant and are also equipped with benches.

  1. Kidney

Kidney shaped pools are preferred for their practical design and style. The pool area is divided into shallow and deep parts suitable for children or beginners. Lap swimming is ideal with a kidney-shaped pool because of its vast and elongated shape.

Fiberglass Inground Pool Maintenance

Compared to other types of an inground pool, fiberglass pools do not require detailed and strict maintenance procedures. 

  • Set a schedule for regular cleaning. If the pool is left unattended, fallen leaves, dead insects, and other debris may accumulate and pollute the water. You can remove these unwanted wastes by using a skimming net attached to a pole. If the pool is not used for quite some time, dirt may also accumulate at the bottom, causing algae to gather. You can use a pool vacuum to remove the dirt.

  • Use cleaning chemicals for fiberglass materials. Using strong chemicals to clean your pool may cause more damage. Make sure to buy cleaning chemicals that are suitable for fiberglass materials. It is also recommended that you avoid using brushes that have rough and stiff bristles to prevent scratches.

  • Turn on your pool filter after using the pool. Dirt and other debris may accumulate after using the pool, so you should turn on your pool filter and let it run for at least 6 to 8 hours for the water to circulate properly.

  • Use a pool cover. Whenever the pool is not in use, cover this with a solar lid to protect it from fallen leaves and other debris. A solar cover will also help in maintaining a balanced temperature.

  • Remove the stains by using appropriate chemicals. Stains are inevitable, especially with metals and water; however, you can remove them using soap and sponge for light stains. But for heavy stains, you can remove these by pouring oxalic acid, and after a few days, you can clear out the water by using the pool filter. Make sure to follow up this with chlorine to balance the PH level of the water.


Inground Pool Baltimore

  • Now that you have decided to install a swimming pool in your backyard, you need professional people to install your fiberglass inground pool. For installation works and fiberglass pool designs, contact Inground Pool Baltimore for more detailed information. 

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