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Above Ground Swimming Pools

It is hot. The children want to go for a swim. Your wife has bought a freshly picked watermelon, but she cannot find a perfect way to enjoy this. Well, it is probably the right time to think about installing a new swimming pool in your backyard. You may have a lot of concerns regarding the installation of a swimming pool. You worry about space, measurement, materials, cost, and other matters. You do not need to worry about these things because Above Ground Pools in Baltimore is here to offer installation services. We got everything that you need.

For limited space, opting for above ground pools is a perfect choice. The small-sized above ground pools measure 12 to 18 feet in diameter, while the largest-sized is up to 33 feet in diameter. These sizes are relatively smaller than the inground pool, which is double the size of a regular above ground pool. Installation and buying of materials to use for construction are more affordable and work well with people who are on a tight budget. You can enjoy the above ground pool with its durability and affordability without compromising its quality. One good reason to go for this type of pool is the low maintenance it requires. Above ground pool is equipped with waterproof gel, which enables protection against algae and other slippery objects.

Above Ground Pools Baltimore

Types of Above Ground Pool

The designs and styles for the above-ground floor are not limited to only one. You can choose the type of pool that you want to install based on what you want, and also, of course, we consider the location of the construction. Choosing a suitable design will make you happy and saves you from spending more on improvements and adjustments. Here are some of the types that Above Ground Baltimore has listed.

  1. Metal Above Ground Pool

Most parts of the above ground pool consist of metals that make your pool sturdier than other above ground pool types. It has the force to withstand both external and internal pressures. Its durability is commendable and can last longer than the different types. However, since most of the materials are made from metals, it is likely to get rusty as time goes by. It is also not compatible with saltwater. Another disadvantage of metal above ground pool is the limited colors and designs.

  1. Resin Above Ground Pool

It is considered a luxury type of above ground pool because of its high strength plastic material. It comes in different colors, designs, and styles. The polymer is used as the pool frame substituting metal, so it is more attractive than metal frames. It is also rustproof, unlike the metal frames, and ideal for the usage of saltwater. The bottom track, foot and top plates, upright and stabilizer tracks, and the upper ledges are made from resin, but the wall is still relatively made from metal coated with rustproof paint. However, with their intricate designs, resin pools are more expensive.

  1. Inflatable Above Ground Pool

It is the most manageable above-ground pool to install, and also it is within the budget. It is flexible and easy to fold whenever it is no longer in use. It requires little space for storage. It is in different sizes and shapes suitable for any backyard space. However, the inflatable above ground pool is not as sturdy as the other types of pool. The outer wall is not also stable and may sink when you lean on it. Although it is easy to install, you have to use an electric pump to inflate it. 

  1. Rigid Wall Above Ground Pool

It is considered the most durable among all the above-ground types of pools. Rigid wall type is made with aluminum and steel coated with a liquid resin to protect it from rusting. The walls and the surface are made from metals making it more reliable. Since it is the most durable one, the price is also relatively high.


Cost of Above Ground Pool Installation

  • It would be best if you first determined the measurement of the area where you will place your pool and then decide how big the above ground pool is.

    The cost of the above-ground pool is relatively lower than the construction of an inground pool. On average, above ground pool installation usually costs $1000 t0 $3000, but prices may vary depending on the size of the pool. If you include the labor, an estimate of $7000 is spent for the construction of the above ground pool in your backyard. For a simple set and fill type of above ground pool, you can purchase this in supermarkets for only $100 to $800.

    Above Ground Pool Baltimore

    An installation of an above ground pool is a sure way to have more fun in the water while sparing yourself from queuing in long lines in swimming resorts. It's Affordable, but it does not compromise the quality. Call Above Ground Pool Baltimore now.

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